Mariner Increases eCommerce Sales with NetSuite


COMPANY:  Mariner Supply (http://www.go2marine.com)

INDUSTRY:  Distributor of Marine-Related Products and Supplies


“Drop shipping requires a lot of paperwork going back and forth to make sure that the manufacturer ships correctly and on time. He said many of these manufacturers are not used to shipping directly to customers. NetSuite gives them a standard framework they all can plug into.”

Keith Fetterman, Mariner Supply’s CTO



Mariner Supply is a distributor of marine-related products and supplies, with three websites and around 200 suppliers, shipping to over 170 countries. Drop shipping from their suppliers to their customers is critical to Mariner Supply’s business strategy, enabling them to offer a very broad array of products—over 180,000 items that can be ordered 24 hours a day by customers anywhere in the world. Although they maintain certain inventory, the flexibility of NetSuite’s capability to properly ship and account for all transactions, regardless of origin, is paramount.



Mariner Supply was on QuickBooks until 2005 when they moved to Sage ACCPAC. They found that system difficult to use—they still had homegrown order management and content management; returns were still being done on paper; they lacked integration; and they had no holistic view across their whole order-management system. Because of the paperwork-intensive nature of their drop shipping business, they realized that they would be unable to grow their business much further without improving order processing efficiency.



They decided they should migrate to a new system, but supporting their drop ship model was a challenge for the various software systems they looked at. None of the systems they could afford had any drop ship functionality at all. Then they found NetSuite which let them customize using SuiteTalk and SuiteScript. Fetterman said those were a godsend, since Mariner Supply was already writing code in JavaScript anyway.

It took Mariner nine months to convert to NetSuite. Most of that time was spent on customization, developing software to work with their drop ship business, and integrating the home-grown modules that Mariner had already written. They also built a backend to provide visibility into their suppliers’ inventory and lead times, since that was critical.

Mariner does 100% of their sales via ecommerce. NetSuite gives them a standard framework that others can plug into. They replaced all email links on their website with forms fed into NetSuite’s case management system.



IMP gets smart with NetSuite ERP


COMPANY:  IMP (http://www.improducts.co.uk)

INDUSTRY:  Marine Supplier




"Our business is growing strongly and at speed. Our old ERP system could not cope with the rate of change or the demands we were making on it. With the new system, we can see what we are doing well and we can see what we need to improve. We are not restricted to reviewing annual reports and then implementing changes, we can proactively manage the business in real time. BI gives us the ability to respond quickly and be proactive in managing our business – and this is helping us take the business forward. The NetSuite dashboards allow us to see the information we need to make the changes necessary to benefit the business, while continually enhancing our service to customers."

Darren Bown, IMP Director



IMP supplies high quality parts to the marine, coach building, construction and automation industries. They are widely renowned for distributing international brands that enhance performance and style. From its purpose built 350-m2 warehouse in Royston, IMP supplies more than 18,000 product lines to an ever-increasing number of customers – currently standing at around 8,500 UK-wide.



Having outgrown its Sage accounts package, IMP wanted to improve its IT to cope with rapid business expansion.



In November 2012, IMP went live with NetSuite ERP. In just six months, distributor IMP is seeing productivity and efficiency improvements having installed NetSuite fully integrated cloud-based ERP. The biggest improvement for IMP is the new level of business intelligence (BI) the company has gained from using the integrated enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management system reports.


NetSuite Helps Leader Add 20% to Annual Revenues


COMPANY:  The Superyacht Group

INDUSTRY:  Media, Maritime

APPLICATIONS REPLACED:  QuickBooks, FileMaker Pro, spreadsheets



“With NetSuite, we've been able to keep our positioning as dedicated to the high-end yacht market, but also improve our business by expanding to new market segments, cutting inefficiencies, and more accurately tracking the needs and buying habits of our existing customers.”

The Superyacht Group



Since moving across to NetSuite, The Superyacht Group has expanded into three new market segments, which are adding 20% yearly to revenues. Thanks to integrated financial processes, the company now gets invoices out in minutes, compared to weeks, and has cut its receivables backlog by 70%. Productivity of sales reps has increased by as much as 80% due to the increased efficiencies of integrated marketing processes.

Integrated, centralized customer information and detailed analytic reports help The Superyacht Group target and market to existing customers more accurately and effectively than before.

Integrated customer information also helps account managers identify the most profitable customers for more personalized attention, and fewer missed opportunities.



Market-leading media company wanted to expand product scope and market penetration within the global high-end yacht-owner market. Lack of customer-information integration prevented account managers from tracking customer behavior or identifying best customers, and resulted in missed sales opportunities.

The Superyacht Group wanted to market new media properties and events to builders, brokers, and suppliers of high-end yachts, but limited business software made it difficult to analyze and forecast the needs of new prospects.



The company replaced QuickBooks, FileMaker pro, and spreadsheets with NetSuite ERP and CRM. NetSuite CRM consolidates all customer and prospect information, including sales reps' tradeshow notes, to help build detailed database for future marketing. Role-based dashboards help company account managers track and predict customer behavior, critical to success in a market with a well-defined base of very knowledgeable customers.




Corporate Protection Australia Group Realizes Fast ROI with NetSuite


COMPANY:  Corporate Protection Australia Group

INDUSTRY:  Services


SOLUTIONS:  NetSuite OneWorld, CRM

"The biggest value for the board of directors has been our ability to realize payback from our investment in NetSuite. We couldn't be happier with the product."

Corporate Protection Australia Group



NetSuite supplies high business visibility and control for the provider of thirdparty security, paramedic, and fire and rescue training and labor to about 170 companies in the mining, maritime and critical infrastructure industries. Corporate Protection Australia Group (CPA Group) has grown revenue by nearly 40% since phased NetSuite rollout got under way in 2013, replacing MYOB. CPA Group has a scalable growth platform as it plans to more than double its workforce from 450 to 1,000 in the next several years.

CPA Group is saving the expense of four full-time employees by outsourcing its AP/AR and payroll processes to third-party providers using CPA Group’s NetSuite instance.

By outsourcing finance and payroll through the cloud, CPA Group recouped its NetSuite investment in just over a year and spends just one-sixth of what it did previously on accounting. NetSuite OneWorld supplies multi-entity management and global financial consolidation across seven subsidiaries, including New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia and Singapore. 

Use of multi-currency conversion capabilities in NetSuite OneWorld will expand from two or three currencies to five or six currencies in the next year and a half as the company continues to grow. Financial consolidation that used to take a day and a half each month is now accomplished in a couple of hours. CPA Group sales personnel leverage unified customer records in NetSuite CRM to improve sales and service effectiveness. CPA Group has reduced its on-premise server count from four to one while minimizing its IT overhead.



MYOB lacked multi-entity, multi-currency and financial consolidation capabilities, forcing CPA Group in time-consuming and error-prone manual exports and reporting from spreadsheets. CPA Group lacked timely visibility into key business metrics with monthly reporting through MYOB and Excel.


After evaluating Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) and SAP Business One, CPA Group selected NetSuite as a secure, scalable cloud platform that could support its strong growth. Pilot implementation by NetSuite Australian partner JCurve demonstrated the viability of the solution to board of directors and financial managers. Customized record and workflow creation through SuiteCloud Development Platform enables CPA Group to tune NetSuite to its unique business requirements.


Port of Portland Keeps Ships Moving with NetSuite

COMPANY: Port of Portland (www.portofportland.com)

INDUSTRY:  Shipping

APPLICATIONS REPLACED:  Epicor, Astea International, HR3, MEX

SOLUTIONS:  NetSuite, NetSuite SuiteApps—i-Seaports and Infinet Cloud

“Our CEO and senior management team now have complete and real-time visibility of all the information they require to make swift and effective business decisions.”

Port of Portland



Complete visibility into entire business gives CEO and senior management all the information they require to make swift and effective business decisions. Significantly improved the efficiencies of its financials and project management capabilities.

Streamlined ship scheduling process to support its growing customer base of exporters. All components are now automated and fully integrated with each other in real-time, from ship scheduling and project management, all the way through to finance.

Improved reliability, accuracy and integrity of data—it can now better manage moving forward. Most staff now access NetSuite, providing the data they need to do their jobs efficiently and help grow the business. Streamlined data gathering and insight capabilities saves the accounting team about 30 percent of their time at month end reporting.



Focused on growing its customer base of exporters and needed to update its core business systems to support this future growth. Previous systems were out of date and lacked integration, which required a lot of inefficient manual processes that led to data inconsistencies. Ship scheduling, in particular, was hand written on pieces of paper and not captured properly in its software systems.



Implemented a single instance of NetSuite for financials, payroll, project management, asset management and shipping. In conjunction with NetSuite's cloud-based business management solution, Port of Portland leverages NetSuite's SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) Partners—i-Seaports for shipping. NetSuite's full integration with i-Seaports' advanced shipping capabilities provides a traffic management center to manage all aspects of a vessel call from reservations to departure, as well as a communications coordination center. NetSuite streamlines its payroll services and provides all the functionality needed to fulfill payroll responsibilities.