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1. ORDER  - Take More Orders with Less Hassle

Engage your customers everywhere and accept orders via phone, online, direct sales or EDI. NetSuite expands your orders to the omnichannel and fast-tracks your order-to-cash processes with built-in flows that eliminate manual bottlenecks, remove cumbersome rekeying, and reduce errors.



  • Receive orders through EDI, web orders, direct sales, partner sales, point of sale and more.
  • Segment reporting to measure performance by order channel.
  • Gain real-time visibility across all channels on orders, customers, inventory and more.


  • Easily convert quotes to orders, orders to fulfillment, invoicing to payment and more with automated, built-in processes.
  • Improve quote accuracy, eliminate billing errors, and strengthen revenue recognition.
  • Increase revenue and customer lifetime value.




2. SOURCE  - Maximize Profit with Sourcing Controls

Leverage supplier and vendor relationships with complete visibility across the purchasing process. NetSuite ensures transparency and control throughout the purchasing process, builds favorable supplier relationships, and provides deep insights into performance and forecasting.

  • Analyze supplier performance.
  • Collaborate with suppliers in real time through the Supplier Portal.
  • Create a centralized purchasing process.
  • Build a real-time approval workflow based on PO amount.
  • Ensure purchasing compliance.
  • Handle supplier payments efficiently.



3. WAREHOUSE  - Know Your Inventory Like Never Before

Streamline your storage with deep metrics and inventory controls. Turn your warehouse faster. Integrated tracking and control allows NetSuite customers to reduce inventory overhead and turn their inventory more quickly.

  • Track every turn of inventory.
  • Know your inventory to sales ratios.
  • Minimize stockouts and obsolete items.
  • Leverage distribution centers and multiple branches.
  • Reduce your inventory overhead.
  • Analyze deep data metrics to improve efficiencies.


4. FULFILL  - Deliver in Record Time

Deliver on time, every time. Exceed your customers’ expectations while minimizing shipping costs. NetSuite's comprehensive fulfillment controls help you reduce your cycle times and shipping costs while increasing your on-time delivery rates.

  • Reduce your number of picks.
  • Improve efficiency with zone and wave picking.
  • Prioritize picking by carrier pick up time.
  • Efficiently implement change orders.
  • Handle packing notes, cancellations, changes, and customer-specific labeling.
  • Reduce shipping costs and time.
  • Bill freight separately or inclusive with product.
  • Manage a comprehensive set of shipping options.


5. MARKET  - Reach New Markets

Reach new markets through campaign management, marketing automation, and detailed analytics. With NetSuite, real-time marketing metrics and comprehensive data empower your business to engage current customers while expanding to new markets.

  • Target your communications precisely.
  • Monitor results with deep data and metrics.
  • Measure ROI in real time.
  • Nurture your leads, prospects and customers.
  • Expand opportunities through marketing automation.


6. SELL  - Build a World-Class Sales Effort

Maximize sales across your organization with high visibility into opportunities, pipeline and pricing. NetSuite drives efficiency and visibility through the sales process, helping you build a sales effort that's second to none.


  • Maximize your existing sales force.
  • Route and track new leads automatically.
  • Maintain visibility into your pipeline.
  • Analyze productivity in real time.


  • Develop flexible pricing schemes.
  • Update pricing as needed.
  • Offer promotions and track results.
  • Segment pricing by customer, offer quantity discounts, and more.



7. SUPPORT  - Exceed Your Customers' Expectations

Empower your support team with a 360-degree view of each and every customer.


NetSuite offers self-service support solutions to your customers while empowering your team to meet customer needs with detailed case management, efficient returns, and tracking for field services.


  • Empower your support team with a full view of each customer.
  • Escalate customer tickets.
  • Track product defects as you support customer returns.
  • Schedule and dispatch field technicians.
  • Bill field services by T&M, fixed cost or warranty.


  • Offer a comprehensive self-service customer portal.
  • Provide access to orders for tracking and management.
  • Deliver knowledge base content and FAQ.
  • Reduce support time through self-service efforts.


8. ENGAGE WITH COMMERCE  - Engage with the Future of Commerce

Connect every part of your business to your company’s core objective. At NXTurn, we believe that every business must plan for the future of commerce. Every industry is being disrupted by rapid changes in technology that are bringing omnichannel commerce to the mainstream. Customers, whether B2B or B2C, are demanding the opportunity to engage with their suppliers everywhere. It truly is an omnichannel world, and without the right technology supporting them, businesses are going to be left behind.

“With NetSuite, we've been able to keep our positioning as dedicated to the high-end yacht market, but also improve our business by expanding to new market segments, cutting inefficiencies, and more accurately tracking the needs and buying habits of our existing customers.”

The Superyacht Group


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View Our Customer Success Stories